"HEY OPPENHEIMER, THINK NORTH KOREA SHOULD GET THE BOMB?" A Frank Discussion About the “Value” of Nuclear Weapons

"HEY OPPENHEIMER, THINK NORTH KOREA SHOULD GET THE BOMB?" A Frank Discussion About the “Value” of Nuclear Weapons

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This idea, which the professor suggests is not as crazy as it sounds, is something that he will thoroughly discuss during his two-hour session concerning diverse facts and opinions about the “value” of nuclear weapons.  As we all know, some of the simple facts are that they’re big, loud, and always grab headlines, but the idea of anything nuclear also brings to mind what we certainly learned to fear as children of the 1950s, when we were taught that ducking-and-covering under a table would surely save us. The lecturer will delve into that myth and more about nuclear weapons, everyone’s favorite doomsday device, which is continually employed as a source of total destruction in sci-fi novels, but he will also suggest that the truth about nukes isn't as cut and dried as the media sometimes makes it seem.  

Professor Reilly will discuss the evolution of humanity's most powerful weapons, the logic and psychology behind the bombs, and whether they actually are the great evil many think they are. As the professor is fond of saying, “Remember folks - the Cold War was actually a Cool Peace.”   

1:00-3:00 p.m. 1 Session

Wednesday, March 13 Fee:  $15


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Tom Reilly

Tom Reilly holds a PhD in Political Science and Government from Rutgers University, with a focus in International Relations.He has done extensive research and has won several awards, including many for his performance is the classroom and his work with students.Professor Reilly has also lived and studied as a student in China during an undergraduate year he spent there while pursuing his bachelor’s degree from Long Island University (BS, 2013).He is a former student of one of our favorite professors, Michael Soupios, and comes highly recommended by him.

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Wednesday, 1:00-3:00 pm

Mar 13, 2024