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The elegant screenplay for Kubrick's 1975 masterpiece was ingeniously adapted by Kubrick himself from the 1844 novel by William Thackeray. Winner of four Oscars, the film stars Ryan O'Neal as Redmond Barry and Marisa Berenson as the wealthy Countess of Lyndon, whom he marries to elevate his station in life after a series of misadventures which include:  soldiering in both the British and the Prussian armies; working as a spy for the Prussian Ministry of Police; and, operating as a professional gambler and duelist in the great cities of Europe. About Barry, Roger Ebert said: "He is a man to whom things happen." That is an understatement. Within the course of the film, we see Barry in at least three duels, the last of which constitutes one of the most compelling sequences in Kubrick's career. Filmed in Ireland, England, and Germany by master cinematographer John Alcott, who won an Oscar for it, many of the scenes—designed by Ken Adam, who also won an Oscar—were based on actual paintings by Gainsborough, Watteau, and Hogarth. Sequences shot entirely by candlelight were only possible with lenses developed for NASA Moon landings. In addition to Irish folk music performed by the Chieftains, the score features prominent use of Handel, Schubert, Vivaldi, Mozart and Bach. As the film takes its time over a 3-hour length, we too will take our time over the course of two sessions to appreciate its astonishing qualities.
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Peter Josyph

Peter Josyph is an author, actor, director, and filmmaker whose films include: Liberty Street: Alive at Ground Zero; Acting Cormac McCarthy: The Making of Billy Bob Thorton’s All the Pretty Horses; Shakespeare In New York: The Sonnets; and A Few Things Basquiat Did in School. His books include: Adventures in Reading Cormac McCarthy; What One Man Said to Another, Talks with Richard Seltzer; and, The Wounded River, which was chosen as a New York Times Notable Book. He also excels in literary and film criticism.

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Tuesday, 1:00 - 3:30pm

Oct 24, 2023
Oct 31, 2023